CPSC 414    Computer Graphics    January 2003

Topics to be covered include most or all of the following: the basics of 2D and 3D rendering; the rendering pipeline; scan conversion; colour models; geometry data structures; geometric transformations; perspective projection; hidden surface removal; lighting and illumination; texture mapping; texture filtering; complex shading algorithms; ray-tracing; animation.

Lectures Tue Thu 11:00 - 12:30 LSK 201        Jan 6 - April 9, 2003
Labs CICSR 011 ( Wed 9-10, Tue 1-2, Tue 2-3, Wed 8-9, Wed 1-2 )
Prerequisites CPSC 216, MATH 200, MATH 221/223, C/C++ programming skills
Grading Assignments (30%), Quizzes (30%), Final Exam (40%)    grades and distributions

Instructor Michiel van de Panne office hrs: FSC 2616, Tue 3-4pm
 TAs   Ben Forsyth    Dana Sharon    Peng Zhao
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April 29 2003

  • Final grades and distributions are now available online
  • the 414 "Hall of Fame" has been updated... see "Assignments" above
  • best wishes for the summer !