CPSC490 - Problem Solving in Computer Science

Jan-Apr 2006, term 2
WMF 15:00-16:00 @ Dempster 301

Importance News:
Apr 06: Midterm 3 "PRACTICAL" part is here , now with solutions .

Mar 23: Please resubmit Q21 as Q24 on the judge.

Mar 13: Midterm 2 "PRACTICAL" part is here , now with solutions .

Feb 10: Midterm 1 "PRACTICAL" part is here , now with solutions .

Feb 08: Midterm instructions are here. We recommand everybody to take a look.
Feb 02: Midterm preparation questions posted!
WARNING: the midterm preparation is meant as a study tool, not as a model of the real midterm.

Jan 30: Check your homework grades here!
Jan 23: Another homework resource: Newsgroup at ubc.courses.cpsc.490






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