CPSC490 - Problem Solving in Computer Science

Jan-Apr 2005, term 2
T Th 12:30-14:00 @ Dempster 301

This is a Student Directed Seminar (SDS) course, which means that the instructor will be an undergraduate student, under the supervision of a faculty sponsor. The instructor for this course will be me, Frank Chu, and the supervisor will be Prof. George Tsiknis. Igor Naverniouk, a graduate student in the CS department and a former SDS facilitator, will also be heavily involved in organizing this course.

To learn more about the SDS program, how it works, etc., please read the following document: sds_outline.pdf.

This is a normal 4th year, 3 credit course. The CS department has approved this course so that it will count towards the 400-level CPSC requirements of your program. The only restriction is that at least 6 of the 400-level CPSC credits in a program must be from courses other than CPSC 448 and 490.

To learn more about the structure of the course, please read the course outline below.

For questions about the assignments, contact either Frank or Igor at:
Frank, fpmchu{at}gmail{dot}com
Igor, igor{at}cs{dot}ubc{dot}ca
For all administrative questions, contact Frank.