CPSC 426 Computer Animation

September-December 2005, MWF 10am-11am, in Dempster 301.

Instructor: Robert Bridson

Prerequisites: one of CPSC 314, CPSC 414, or EECE 478.

This course is about the fundamental ideas and algorithms of animation, with applications in making films and games. This is not an art class, and we won't be learning to use any particular animation package; the focus will be on the computer science of animation.

Contacting Us

You can always email me at rbridson@cs.ubc.ca, or set up an appointment to see me in my office, X663 in the new annex of the ICICS/CS building. My office hours are Thursday 3-4 and Friday 11-11:30.

There is a course newsgroup, ubc.courses.cpsc.426.

The TA, Derek Bradley (bradleyd@cs.ubc.ca), has office hours Wednesday 11-12 in the CS learning centre, X150 (in the new annex of the ICICS/CS building).

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