CPSC 418: Parallel Computation

Welcome to CpSc 418

This course provides an introduction to parallel computation including parallel algorithms; parallel computer architectures; and paradigms and languages for parallel programs. Nearly everything digital is now parallel. This ranges from cell phones and other mobile devices that use multi-core processors to deliver application performance while extending battery life to large web-servers and scientific super computers that can consist of thousands of computers working together to solve large data analysis or numerical computing problems.

The Waitlist

CpSc 418 is currently full. We expect that a few slots will open up. Priority will be given to students who submit acceptable solutions to the first “mini-assignment.

For more information

The slides for the first lecture provide a course overview. Click here for an index for all slides that are online. You can also see last year's version of the course.


March 1, 2017, in class

Office Hours

Mark Greenstreet, Tuesdays, 1pm -- 2:30pm, ICICS/CS 323

Others, TBD


Last updated Jan. 11, 2016

Resources for learning Erlang, MPI, and pthreads are available here.