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CPSC 314 - Computer Graphics

May 2006
Instructor: Wolfgang Heidrich
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Instructor Wolfgang Heidrich (heidrich@cs.ubc.ca)
Teaching Assistants Abhijeet Ghosh (ghosh@cs.ubc.ca)
Christopher Batty (batty@cs.ubc.ca)
Office Hours Mondays, 1-2pm, CS/ICICS x639
Also: May 17, Jun 1, Jun 15, 2-3pm
Class MWF 3-5:30
First class May 8, 2006
Location DMP 301
WebCT http://www.webct.ubc.ca/SCRIPT/cpsc_314_2006s/scripts/serve_home
I will only use WebCT to report grades and for the bulletin board.
Grading Assignments (35%), Quizes (25%), Final (40%)

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Homeworks and Assignments

Course Material

WebCT    textbooks    past online notes    OpenGL ref    about glut    PDF glut manual     GLUT ref    
OpenGL and Windows     lightDemoMoving.zip    

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Instructor: Wolfgang Heidrich