CPSC 314 Computer Graphics

September-December 2008, Tuesday/Thursday 2-3:30 in Dempster 201.

Instructor: I'm Robert Bridson.

Teaching assistants: Sean Sutherland and Brad Atcheson will help in the course.

Prerequisites: Math 200, Math 221, either one of CPSC 216 / CPSC 221 or all of CPSC 260 and EECE 320.

This course is the first in our sequence on computer graphics.

Contacting Me

You can always email me at rbridson@cs.ubc.ca, or phone my office 604-822-1993 (email preferred). My office is X663 in the south part of the new extension to ICICS/CS.

My office hours for this course are: Monday 2-3, Tuesday 10-11, and Friday 10-11.

Contacting TA's

The two lab hours for the course will be held in the Linux lab, ICICS/CS 005, Wednesday 12-1pm and Thursday 3:30-4:30pm. Brad Atcheson will be there then.

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