CPSC 314, Introduction to Computer Graphics, University of British Columbia
Winter Term 2 (Jan-Apr), 2015-16
Instructor: Tamara Munzner

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Lectures: Mon/Wed/Fri 2-3pm in Dempster 110
Labs: Wed 3-4, Thu 1-2, Fri 1-2 in ICICS/CS 005.
First Days: Lecture starts Mon Jan 4, labs start 2nd week (Jan 11-15)
Instructor Office Hours: Fri 3-4 in 005 lab. Or by appointment in my office (X661), send me email at tmm@cs.ubc.ca to arrange.
Glen Berseth [gberseth AT cs.ubc.ca], Luciano (Silver) Burla [suisse_silver AT hotmail.com], João Cardoso [jaliborc AT cs.ubc.ca], Qian Zhou [qzhou AT ece.ubc.ca]
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Piazza signup link

I will use Piazza for all announcements, and you should use it for your own questions and answers about course material. Posting questions to Piazza is a better choice than sending email to the instructor or TAs individually, since all five of us are monitoring the group - plus, your classmates may have a useful answers! You may choose whether to post questions and answers anonymously or using your own name. If you are asking a question that involves your own code, then please make sure to post it as a private question so that your classmates cannot see it, only the instructors. Bonus marks will be given to major contributors to Piazza discussions.

Schedule Summary

Schedule updated regularly (don't forget to refresh!) and subject to change.

Core Topics: Transformations, Viewing, Shaders / Graphics Pipeline / WebGL vs Three.js, Lighting/Shading, Advanced Rendering, Scan Conversion, Texture Mapping, Procedural Textures/Modelling, Clipping, Hidden Surfaces, Color.

Additional Topics: Animation, Modeling (Digital Geometry), Visualization.

Hall of Fame

Labs and Office Hours

All labs and office hours are held in ICICS/CS 005, starting the second week of classes: Wed Jan 13.

Lab Day Time TA
Lab 2B Wed 3-4 pm TBD
Lab 2C Wed 4-5 pm TBD
Lab 2A Thu 1-2 pm TBD
Lab 2F Fri 1-2 pm TBD

Labs are a regularly scheduled time to get help from the TAs with programming assignments and written homeworks, and for the TAs to go over supplemental material to help you with these. I strongly encourage you to attend, but they're not mandatory. Feel free to drop by more than one during the week, either because different TAs have different teaching styles or you just have more questions, as long as there's enough room. The TAs will also have extra office hours before assignment due dates; times will be announced on Piazza.





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