CPSC 314, Introduction to Computer Graphics
Winter Term 2 (Jan-Apr), 2007-2008
University of British Columbia

Instructor: Tamara Munzner

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Project 4 Hall of Fame posted

Pre Exam questions session 2-4pm Wed April 23rd, ICCS 238
Mon Mar 31: Homework 3 out, due Fri Apr 11. (There will not be a Homework 4.)
Thu Mar 27: Midterm Solutions
Mon Mar 10: Tamara is out on medical leave for an indefinite period of time

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Lectures: Mon/Wed/Fri, 1:00-1:50pm, Dempster 301
Instructor Office Hours: Wed and Fri 2-3, and as announced, in ICICS/CS 011 lab. By appointment, in X661.
Stephen Ingram (sfingram@cs), Cody Robson (cjrobson@cs), Michael Welsman-Dinelle (mwelsman@cs)
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    Lab Sessions

    All lab sessions held in ICICS/CS 011, starting the second week of classes: Monday Jan 14.

    Lab Day Time TA
    Lab 2A Mon 12-1 pm Stephen
    Lab 2B Tue 1-2 pm Cody
    Lab 2E Thu 10-11 am Stephen
    Lab 2F Fri 12-1 pm Cody


    The lectures draw on many other graphics courses and books, listed here in rough order from heavy influence to light influence:

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