CPSC 221: Basic Algorithms and Data Structures
2015 Winter Term 2
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Welcome, everyone!

Labs start the week of January 11. You MUST be enrolled in a lab section to remain in the course.

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Alan Hu (instructor) ajh@cs.ubc.ca
Lars Kotthoff (instructor) larsko@cs.ubc.ca
Noah Bayless (TA) n.bayless@alumni.ubc.ca
Coulter Beeson r7n8@ugrad.cs.ubc.ca
Jason Chan (TA) k8b9@ugrad.cs.ubc.ca
Zheng Dong (TA) zhdong@cs.ubc.ca
Farzad Fallahi(TA) w5k8@ugrad.cs.ubc.ca
Devon Graham (TA) k8m7@ugrad.cs.ubc.ca
Kyle Ju (TA) p9t8@ugrad.cs.ubc.ca
Catherine Leung (TA) f7x9a@ugrad.cs.ubc.ca
GeonYoung Park (TA) f0d9@ugrad.cs.ubc.ca
Graham St-Laurent (TA) i5l8@ugrad.cs.ubc.ca
Jennifer She (TA) c2e9@ugrad.cs.ubc.ca
Geneva Sun (TA) d4m8@ugrad.cs.ubc.ca
Wenyi Wang (TA)
Victor Yan (TA) y3v9a@ugrad.cs.ubc.ca
Nasim Zolaktaf (TA) nasimzf@cs.ubc.ca


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