CPSC 211: Introduction to Software Development




  • to implement a small application with multiple classes
  • to use Java collections and I/O classes
  • to apply good object oriented software development techniques to produce a program of small complexity
  • to design and implement a graphical user interface to facilitate use of the application


Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the course policies on plagiarism and collaboration.

The project will be broken down into four assignments. Each assignment will have specific requirements that you must meet. A link to each project part will be provided below when the part is released.

The following is a tentative schedule for the project this term. Dates may change if they don't fit into the course lecture and lab schedule.

Project Activity Date Given Due Date TLabs Needed
Part 1:  Implementing a Set Jan 14 Jan 28 Intro to Unix/Eclipse Lab
Part 2: Design of hockey pool Jan 28 Feb 11 Design Lab
Part 3: Implementation of hockey pool Feb 11 Mar 14 Collections Labs
Part 4: Adding a GUI Mar 14 Mar 28 GUI Lab
Demo Apr 4 during labs