CPSC 211: Introduction to Software Development
Winter 2010-11

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Welcome to CS211!

Introduction to Software Development: Software design and the development of robust abstractions. Topics include design practices, data abstractions, inheritance, testing, concurrency and distributed computing.

Prerequisite: CPSC 111 or equivalent.

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  • Tues 9:30-11, Fri 9:30-11 (ICCS 241)

TAs (in the Learning Center, behind Reboot Café)

  • TBA

I Can't Believe it's not Vista!

That's right, this term we're not using Vista. Instead we'll be previewing a brand-new system called "Matygo" (check out the link to the left, or click here). Designed by two UBC graduates, Matygo includes all of the functionality that you would expect from an educational content management system, plus a human-friendly interface and a bunch of other goodies.

Please note this is the first term that this software package is being used, so I will be creating a discussion topic in Matygo where you can put your thoughts and feelings. Please don't be shy when it comes to saying what you like and don't like about the system (both kinds of comments are welcome and equally encouraged, though please keep your feedback as constructive as possible). Your input will help determine whether Matygo is ready for wider-scale deployment, as well as direct its future development.