CPSC 111: Introduction to Computation
Course Outline
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Learning Goals

Calendar description
Basic programming constructs, data types, classes, interfaces, protocols and the design of programs as interacting software components.

Mathematics 12.

Qualified students can apply to write a Challenge Exam to obtain credit for CPSC 111. For more details, please see our Challenge Exam web page.

Who is this course for?
Although it is expected that you will have used a computer prior to taking the course and that you are familiar with basic keyboard and mouse operations, no prior programming experience is assumed. This course will teach you basic programming constructs that will allow you to unleash your creativity and develop your own applications software.

Whether you are intending to Major or Minor in Computer Science, to pursue one of our new Combined Programs with another subject or to take Computer Science as an elective, this course is for you!

If you have already received credit for CPSC124 and CPSC126 or for CPSC122 and CPSC128 then you cannot receive credit for CPSC111. If you have taken CPSC124 but not CPSC126 then you must take CPSC111 in order to advance through the computer science program. If you have taken CPSC122 but not CPSC128, please consult with a department advisor.