Date Topic Resources / Homework Labs

Tue, Apr 8 Review Remaining office hours No Lab

Thu, Apr 3 Diversity in Computer Science Post lecture material: Inked slides
Pre lecture material Preliminary slides
Reading: Submit RQ15 (last one!) by Wednesday, April 2 at noon
Project presentations

Tue, Apr 1 Digital DNA Post Lecture Materials:Inked slides
Pre lecture materials: No required reading

Thu, Mar 27 Digital DNA Post lecture material: inked slides
Pre lecture material: Required Reading: Section 6.3 of Module 6. Submit RQ14 by Wednesday, March 26 at noon.
Lab 7: Hardware

Continue to work on project
Tue, Mar 25 Inside the machine / Digtal DNA Post lecture material: Inked versions of the slides
Pre lecture material: Digital DNA slides
Required Reading: Sections 6.1 and 6.2 of Module 6. Submit RQ13 by Sunday, March 23 at noon.

Thu, Mar 20 Inside the machine Post lecture material: No new required reading Project work time
Tue, Mar 18 Inside the machine.

Post lecture material:inked slides

Pre lecture material: Inside the Machine slides
Required Reading:

Submit RQ12 before noon on Sunday, March 16

Thu, Mar 13 Minds & machines Post lecture material:

Pre lecture material: No reading due.

Lab 6: Eliza

Continue to work on project.
Tue, Mar 11 Minds & Machines Post lecture material:inked slides (note: there's no right answer to whether Data is intelligent or not)

Pre lecture material: Minds and Machines slides

Required Reading:

Submit RQ 11 by Sunday, March 9 at noon

Thu, Mar 6 Networking Post lecture materials:inked slides

Pre lecture materials: Networking slides No Reading due. Project: Proposals Due!

Work on your project proposals.
Tue, Mar 4 Art/Networking Post lecture material: inked slides

Pre lecture material: Required Reading:Fluency, chapter 3. RQ10 Due Sunday, March 2 at noon.

Thu, Feb 27 Art and Images Post lecture material: Inked slides.

Pre lecture material: Required Reading: Module 4: Art and Images. RQ9 due Wednesday, February 26 at noon.

Lab 5: GIMP Art Lab

The art!
Tue, Feb 25 Art and images Post Lecture Material: Inked slides

Pre Lecture Material: Exercise worksheets in Word and PDF

Slides on Art & Images

Required Reading: Chapter 7: 193-209, Chapter 8: 221-245. RQ8 due Sunday, February 23 at noon.

Thu, Feb 20
Reading week - no class, labs, or RQs
Tue, Feb 18
Reading week - no class, labs or RQs

Thu, Feb 13 Programming Concepts Pre lecture Material: Midterm survey
No new reading required

Inked slides
Lab 4: Algorithms in JavaScript

Required Pre-lab Reading: This is a long lab. Read the entire lab before attending the lab section.
Tue, Feb 11 Programming Concepts Post lecture material:Inked slides

Pre lecture material:Slides on loops and arrays Required Reading: Chapters 19 and 20. Submit RQ7 by Sunday, February 9 at noon.

Thu, Feb 6
MIDTERM IN CLASS - bring student ID and be on time
(no reading due)
Lab 3: Javascript

Recommended reading:
Javascript For Beginners
Tue, Feb 4 Programming Concepts Pre lecture Material: Required reading: Chapter 18. Submit RQ6 by Sunday, February 2 at noon.

Post Lecture Material: Inked versions of the slides Note: I messed up and accidentally destroyed most of the ink. However, I re-inked the clicker question and you'll get the actual slides used.

Thu, Jan 30 Programming Concepts Pre lecture material: slides on processes: variables and functions

Required reading: Chapter 5 (123-141), Chapter 10 (299-309), and chapter 17. Submit RQ5 by Wednesday, January 29 at noon.

Getting the javascript console up in various browsers:
Chrome on a PC

  1. (left) click on the customize Chrome button (three horizontal lines next to the address bar)
  2. Click on the "Tools" menu item
  3. Click on the "Javascript Console" menu sub-item
  4. It will evaluate whatever the last expression is

Internet Explorer
  1. (left) click the "Setting" icon to the right of the address bar
  2. left click the "developer's tools" menu item
  3. click the item for "Console" — should be the third one down; it looks like a box with a &qt; in it.
  4. enter your javascript at the " > " prompt at the bottom
  5. Click the green arrow at the bottom right to run your javascript

Chrome on a Mac:
  1. Click on view
  2. Click on developer
  3. Click on Javascript Console (or do Command + Option + J)

Safari on a Mac:
  • Click on Develop
  • Click on Show Error Console (or do Command + Option + C)
    You may have to go to Safari -> Preferences, the in the "Advanced" Tab select the "Show Develop menu in menu bar" checkbox

  • Firefox on a Mac:
  • Click on Tools
  • Click on Web Developer
  • Click on Web Console (or do Command + Option + K)

  • Post lecture materials: Inked slides
    Lab 2: Scratch

    Required pre-lab reading:
    (1) Scratch Getting Started Guide
    (2) Scratch 1.4 Reference Guide
    (3) Scratch Tutorial
    (beginning to the end of section "Variables")
    Tue, Jan 28 Programming Concepts

    Pre lecture material: Lecture Slides: Intro to processes Note: see below for updated slides on intersecting lists. Required reading: Textbook Chapter 10 (from the beginning of the chapter up to "A Closer Look", pp.293-299 in 5th edition). Submit RQ4 by Sunday, January 26 at 12 noon

    Post Lecture material

    Thu, Jan 23 Interfaces Pre-lecture material: Required reading: No required reading!

    Post-lecture material:
    • Inked slides
    • To get unix-like commands on your PC, install cygwin
    • To access your (Linux) undergrad CS account for more practice:
      • From a mac:
        • Open a terminal window (go to the "spotlight" — the magnifying glass in the upper right, type "terminal" and select it)
        • type "ssh [your login id]" (no quotes) and hit enter
        • Enter your password when prompted
      • From a PC:
        • Download Xmanager (or any other terminal emulator). Note: to follow this link you'll have to follow the instructions to log on
        • type "ssh [your login id]" (no quotes) and hit enter. Note that you can set up sessions, but this is the easiest method
        • Enter your password when prompted
      • Also note that you can do this directly from cygwin if you've installed it.
    Lab 1: HTML. Note: there is pre-lab reading to do! Read Section 0.
    Tue, Jan 21 Interfaces Pre-lecture material: Lecture 5

    Required reading:Textbook chapter 6 Submit RQ3 by Sunday, January 19 at 12 noon.

    Post-lecture material:

    Thu, Jan 16 Interfaces Pre-lecture material: no new slides Required reading: Module 2 and Textbook chapter 2. Submit RQ2 by noon on Wednesday, January 15.

    Post-lecture material:
    Lab 0: Getting Started
    Tue, Jan 14 Computer & Data Organization

    Pre-lecture material: Lecture 3

    Required reading: Textbook - Chapter 4 and Module 1 the remainder (if you skipped RQ0, be sure to read the whole thing) submit RQ1 by 12 noon on Sunday, January 12

    Post lecture material Inked slides

    Thu, Jan 9 Computer & Data Organization

    Pre-lecture material: Lecture 2 Reminder: Complete the Entrance Survey before reading Course Overview, Module 1 Sections 1.1-1.3 and Fluency: chapter 1. Optional Reading Question 0 due Wednesday January 8 at noon. (note: I added the " module 1" bits later when I realized I'd left them off by accident. Sorry about that — obviously, even were we doing this for credit, I would not expect people to provide reading questions about them, I just wanted to make sure people had access to them in case we get to them in Thursday's class)

    Post Lecture material: Inked slides

    No lab.
    Tue, Jan 7 Introduction & Course Overview

    Pre-lecture material: Lecture 1 preliminary slides. Computer Cards

    Post lecture material: Inked slides and "whiteboard"
    how companies learn your secrets

    Lectures and Labs:

    Lecture: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 09:30 to 11:00, in Dempster 310


    Minimum Lab Attendance Standards: Labs start promptly at the scheduled time -- don't be late or risk not getting marks. The first two hours of each lab is a required attendance period for students. Your TAs may occasionally dismiss you early at their discretion, but you must be prepared to attend at least the first two hours of each lab. TAs are required to attend for the full three hours and students may use the entire scheduled lab time for course-related work.

    (For official course scheduling information, see the CPSC 101 calendar entry.)

    Lab Location


    Weekly Calendar

    This is a complete calendar of the weekly course-related events for this course, including lectures, labs and office hours.

    Time: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    DMP 310
    Lab L2D
    ICCS X050
    DMP 310
    Yuzan's office hours - Learning Centre, Table 3
    ICCS X050
    Rachel's office hours
    ICICS/CS 345
    Rebecca Lee's office hours
    Learning Centre, Table 4
    Lab L2F
    ICCS X050
    Sunny's office hours
    in ICICS/CS X153
    Paul's office hours
    ICICS/CS X153
    Alexia's office hours
    Learning Centre Table 1
    Sunny's office hours
    in ICICS/CS X153
    ICCS X050
    Étienne's office hours
    in ICICS/CS X153
    15:00 Rachel's office hours
    ICICS/CS 345
    Lab L2A
    ICCS X050
    Rebecca McKnight's office hours
    in the Learning Centre, table 1
    Lab L2E
    ICCS X050
    Jenny's office hours
    in ICICS/CS X139