CS410, 2013

Advanced Software Engineering

Instructor: Elisa Baniassad (Office hours: Mondays 12-1, room 329 <--NEW ROOM)
TAs: Nowrin Anwar [office hours: Table at DLC Thursdays 1-2pm
Reza Baba [office hours: Table at DLC Wednesdays 3-4pm
Neil Traft [office hours: Table at DLC Tuesdays 1-2pm]
Prerequisites: CSC310 or both EECE 310 and EECE 315.
Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 11am-12pm. Hugh-Dempster Pavillion, rm110.
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Course Objectives

Specification, Design, Construction and Validation of Multi-Version Software Systems.

When you have completed this course, you should be able to:
  • Understand the benefits and disadvantages of various architectures for constructing large, multi-version, multi-component software systems.
  • Apply software verification and validation techniques to the analysis of such projects.
  • Demonstrate ability in building a large, complex software project using modern software engineering technologies.


There will be no textbook for this course - reading materials will be provided in class.

We will be using the Piazza forum for out of class discussions, and also for group formation. Please stay tuned for info/instructions. This will be set up soon!


Project: 40%. (This will be a group project, to be described in class, and specified here)
Midterm: 30%
Final: 30%

To pass the course you must pass both the project and the final exam.
We do not accept late submissions for the project except in case of documented emergency.
For special accommodation for the exam or midterm, contact the Access and Diversity Office.