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CPSC 213 Introduction to Computer Systems

Summer 2011

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Introduction to Computer Systems:  Software architecture, operating systems, and I/O architectures. Relationships between application software, operating systems, and computing hardware; critical sections, deadlock avoidance, and performance; principles and operation of disks and networks.

Pre-reqs: Either (a) all of CPSC 121, CPSC 210 (or 211) or (b) all of CPSC 260, EECE 256, CPSC 210. (CPSC 210 may be taken concurrently with case (b) only.)

Recent Announcements

Will be on Saturday, July 30, 12:00-2:30 in DMP 110.
It is a closed-book exam and covers all the topics we have discussed in the course.

July 27: Assignment 5 Due Time
Assignment 5 is due on Thursday, July 28 at 14:00.

July 26: Reading for July 27
Notes: Unit 17 and Unit 18.
Text: related sections for unit 17.

July 23: Reading for July 25
Notes: Rest of Unit 15 and all of Unit 16.
Text: related sections.

July 21: Assignment 5
Assignment 5 has been posted. Please read it before you go to lab tomorrow.

July 20: Reading for July 22
Notes: Rest of Unit 14 and as much as you can from Unit 15.
Text: related sections.

July 19: Reading for July 20
Notes: Rest of Unit 13 and Unit 14.
Related text sections for Unit 14.

July 17: Reading for July 18
Notes: Unit 12 and as much as you can from unit 13. We may not be able to cover all alides of Unit 13.
Related text sections for Unit 12.

July 16:  Assignment 4
Assignment 4 has been posted. We'll do that in the labs of July 18 and 20. Please study at least Part I before Monday's lab.

July 15: Midterm Marks and Solutions
The midterm marks are available on Vista. Midterm solutions are also available on Vista.

July 13: Reading for July 15
Notes: Unit 11.
Related sections from text.

July 12: Two typos in Exercise 4
Exercise 4 of the practice exercises had two typos. I've corrected them and reposted it. THe changes are in red. Please check it out.

July 12: Reading for July 13
Notes: Unit 10.
Related sections from text.

July 11: Solutions to Practice Questions
Solutions for the practice questions have been posted in the Exercises section.

July 10: Reading for July 11.
Read the rest of the notes from Unit 9 and do as many exercises as you can (except exercise 4 and 5).

July 10: Practice Questions
Practice questions for the midterm have been posted in the Exercises section. Exercise 4 and 5 use parameters and you need the notes we'll discuss on Monday for these. Please try the rest of the exercises before Monday's lecture.

July 9: Assignment 3
Assignment 3 has been posted. We'll do that in the labs of July 11 and 15.
There will be no labs on the midterm day (July 13).

July 6: Midterm Date
Our midterm exam will be on Wednesday, July 13, 12:00-1:00 in the class.

July 6: Assignment 2
Assignment 2 is due on Saturday, July 9 at 23:00.
You should continue working on it in the lab this Friday.

July 6: Reading for July 8
Notes: Rest of Unit 8 and all of Unit 9.
Sections from Companion mentioned in the notes.

July 4: Reading for July 6
Notes: Rest of Unit 7 and all of Unit 8.
Sections from Companion and text mentioned in the notes.

July 4: Posted Group Exercises and sm213 Instructions
I've posted a page with the sm213 instructions and the group exercises we have done so far in the Notes section.  The link for the sm213 instructions is at the top of the Notes page and the exercises are in the last column.

June 30: Assignment 2
Assignment 2 has been posted on the web. Please read it early and start working on the C snippets before you go to lab on Monday.

June 30: Reading for July 4
Notes: Rest of Unit 6 and all of Unit 7.
Sections from Companion and text mentioned in the notes.
 If you have time go over Unit 8 as well. If we have time we'll do some of it on Monday

June 27:Assignment 1 is Due on June 29
Assignment 1 is due on Wednesday, June 29 at 23:00. We won't start any new assignment in the lab this Wednesday. THe lab will be open for those who need more time to finish assignment 1.

June 27: Reading for June 29
Notes: Rest of Unit 5 and all of Unit 6.
Sections from Companion and text mentioned in the notes.

June 25: Reading for June 27
Notes: Rest of Unit 4 and all of Unit 5.
Sections from Companion and text mentioned in the notes.

June 23: Reading for June 24
Notes: Unit 3 and 4.
Related sections from  "Programming in C: a  Tutorial" (from C Tutorials in Resources)  and  Companion.

June 21: Reading for June 22
Notes: All slides in Unit 2 and Unit 3
213 Companion: Section 2.3
Part of the "Programming in C: a  Tutorial"  from C Tutorials in Resources. Read the parts that cover the concepts discussed in Unit 3.

June 20: Welcome
Welcome to the summer section of CPSC 213.  I'll use this page to post important notes about the lectures, assignments and the course, in general. Make sure that you check this page very often.